The MAN TGM redefines the terms economical in terms of medium to heavy duty traction haulage and distribution transport: equipped with an optimised driveline, it ensures that you can enjoy the highest level of comfort on the road and save fuel at the same time.

The MAN TGM showcases its multifaceted strengths mainly as a solo truck and in light trailer operation. Thanks to its lightweight characteristics and large capacity, the MAN TGM has lots of room for your transport operations. This is also helped by its body-friendly frame design and its efficient and economical common-rail engines. The MAN TGM is effective in more than distribution transport, more than holding its own in medium-duty traction transport operations also. With tonnages of between 13 and 26 tons and a first-class payload, it offers economical transport solutions for the building trade.

Key Features

Pure efficiency Icon
Pure efficiency.

The new generation of MAN engines powers the TGM with even greater force, while the new engine concept also enhances efficiency. Fuel consumption could be reduced by 5%, and the engine is lighter and less complex.

In the comfort zone Icon
In the comfort zone.

The four cabs available for the TGM are genuine miracles of spaciousness, consistently designed to facilities fatigue-free, concentrated driving.

MAN EasyStart Icon
MAN EasyStart.

With MAN EasyStart on the MAN TipMatic®, difficulties with hill starts have become a thing of the past. The moving-off aid for slopes makes things easy for the driver. When the brake pedal is released, the brake pressure is maintained for one second so that the driver can change to the accelerator and the vehicle can move off without jolting, with low wear and without rolling back.

New LED rear lights Icon
New LED rear lights.

With tail lights in an LED design, burnt-out lightbulbs and the associated compromised safety and maintenance costs can be avoided. LED lights have a longer service life with lower energy consumption than conventional lightbulbs.

MAN ComfortSteering Icon
MAN ComfortSteering*

MAN ComfortSteering helps the driver to steer and forms the basis of other assistance systems such as Lane Return Assist (LRA). Because the steering forces are adapted to the road speed, the strain is taken off the driver and there is ease of movement when manoeuvring and ability to stay in a lane at high speed. Irrespective of the axle configuration, a small steering wheel is fitted (Ø 460 mm) and a more direct steering gear ratio is adopted.




Featuring a four-colour touch-screen display, The TGM’s cockpit is designed for usability and comfort. Based on MAN’s unique customer insights, commonly used switches have been strategically placed closer to the driver for quick access, ensuring everything you need is right in front of you. Equipped with an exceptional infotainment system and high-quality bunk, the cockpit is the perfect working space for long journeys.

  • Interior lighting and sliding roof
  • Slimmer centre console
  • Stowable coolbox with integrated bin
  • Infotainment system and multiple charging points


The intelligent design of the TGM ensures that you can use the entire loading length of the vehicle. Its flat top surface and innovative frame design enable bodies and equipment of all types to be mounted in less time. The TGM is incredibly robust and durable, providing you with a long-lasting vehicle that’s designed to keep you safe and secure.

  • Intelligent design offers a wide range of easy body options
  • The platform height can easily be varied
  • Large wing mirrors for increased visibility
  • New LED rear lights

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