New Additions to the Fleet for Minoli, Oxford.

A loyal Cordwallis customer, Minoli has substantial investment plans in 2019, with the first of these investment arriving last week. In order to ensure that the Minoli fleet remain current and fully up to date, two new vans were ordered for the fleet from our sales executive, Connor Thornhill.

A small Caddy van and a larger Transporter van, both order for use by the Minoli marketing department were recently delivered by ourselves.

Jonathon Minoli , Managing Director of Minoli commented. ‘We have a program of substantial investment planned for 2019, these two vans are the first physical items to have been delivered and I am delighted to be able to hand them over to the departments to ensure the service we offer our clients remains second to none.’ Chris Richards, Minoli Warehouse and Transport manger added ‘We like to ensure our fleet is fully up to date, with legislation and emissions, these two new vehicles are the first to be delivered and will make a significant contribution to the effectiveness of our fleet.’

Nick Abitabile, Minoli merchandising manager commented ‘We are delighted to receive into the department these two new vehicles, as they will be most helpful in our work supporting the sales team and clients with samples and displays. With my team, Matt and Richard we have a full program of refurbishment planned for the Minoli showroom and many of the clients facilities, not to mention all the work that is required for the preview event. We are also planning further investment in the department over the coming months, in storage and equipment – exciting times.’

Jonathon Minoli, Minoli Managing Director added ‘I am delighted to be able to hand these two new vehicles to the marketing team, they work so very hard for our clients, that having vehicles that reflect the professionalism of the team and Minoli as a company is so very important.’

We hope they will have many happy miles in their new vans.


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