“I honestly can’t praise the Isuzu enough, I love it!”

Retired businessman Anthony Collins is currently re-developing a derelict boatyard into his dream home with the help of his Isuzu Grafter truck.

Anthony says, “I knew I was taking on a very ambitious project when I bought the boatyard, which has been derelict for 25 years. I am in the process of restoring it to its former glory with my wife. We have already sailed all over the world as I’ve been retired for over 20 years since I sold my Herefordshire-based joinery business.

“We are building a whole new life for ourselves but the access is typically very narrow through the historic village of Turnchapel. I knew I needed a versatile vehicle that would be capable of a lot of hard work on a congested construction site. Its turning circle, its size, its robustness, and its tipping capability – all these things are just brilliant. I researched lots of small trucks, some of which were actually based on adapted car designs and they were completely unsuitable. I’d never bought a truck for personal use in my life and fortunately I was recommended to check out an Isuzu. I honestly can’t praise it enough, I love it!”

The first phase of Anthony’s million pound project will be ready by Christmas 2016, when he and his wife will move from a smaller house behind the main site into their new abode.

Peter Murphy, MD of Isuzu Truck UK, commented: “We are always delighted to hear back from our many very happy customers and it’s great to hear that when Mr Collins could have bought any truck on the market he chose our Grafter. He thoroughly checked out all types of vehicles for his special project but he chose our Grafter because it is so manoeuvrable, strong and durable. Plus all Isuzu Grafters can legally tow a trailer and load weighing up to 3500kgs and this has proved perfect for Mr Collins’ requirements.”


Published in VanUser, July 2016

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