Cars That Can Talk?

Volkswagen are set to make cars that will have the ability to communicate with each other.


With the recent developments made with electric vehicles, Volkswagen are now turning their attention to making cars more connected.

Starting in 2019, Volkswagen will make it available for the public to buy some of its models with pWLAN technology. This will enable cars to communicate with not only each other but also with transport infrastructure systems. This will share information on road accidents, road blockages, traffic etc. Volkswagen says that to begin with the range for communication will be 500 meters which would hopefully be increased and improved upon over time.

The technology in question, is the IEE 802.11p (pWLAN) standard. In order to interact with transport communication systems, the cars will use a special frequency band which will be intended for road safety and traffic emergencies. With the radius being only within 500 meters, the data is not stored centrally so therefore, it does not rely on a mobile phone network. This new technology will give the ability to virtually make it possible to see what is beyond the next turn or 500 meters on the road ahead which will be hugely advantageous for drivers. It will drastically improve road safety and allow drivers to have more warning of any upcoming hazards and reduce drivers stress.

Head of Vehicle Body Development for the Volkswagen Brand, John Neft explains that “We want to increase road safety with the aid of networked vehicles, and the most efficient way of achieving this is through the rapid roll-out of a common technology. What matters most is that the technology is used consistently, and by as many manufactures and partners as possible.”

Volkswagen has standardised and tested for direct, non-proprietary, inter-vehicle communication. The company is attempting to co-operate with authorities such as ministry of transport and others in order to attempt to install this technology in all production models. To accompany this Volkswagen is also working on protection of personal data for customers with pWLAN vehicles.

By Lucy Murdoch


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