In the ever-evolving landscape of road safety regulations, truck operators must stay ahead of the curve. The latest development to be aware of is the impending change to Transport for London’s (TfL) Direct Vision Standard (DVS), set to roll out as DVS Phase 2 in October 2024. Cordwallis is committed to helping truck operators smoothly transition to the new legislation, ensuring the safety of their fleets.

Changes to DVS Phase 2:

TfL’s DVS Phase 2 brings about significant alterations, primarily enhancing road safety under the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero initiative. One key amendment is the elevation of the DVS star rating threshold, now requiring Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) over 12 tonnes in gross weight to attain a minimum of 3 stars. This shift necessitates the installation of a new Progressive Safe System (PSS) for compliance.

Permit Renewals and Applications:

Existing permit holders with HGVs rated below three stars on the DVS star rating system must act promptly, reapplying for a DVS safety permit by midnight on 27th October 2024, as their current permits will expire. However, those with vehicles rated three stars or above can enjoy an extended validity until 28th October 2030. Fleet managers must verify their vehicle’s star rating and submit permit applications through TfL’s Direct Vision Standard portal.

The Application Process:

While the application process for the new DVS Safety Permit commences on 24th June 2024, operators should be aware of the deadlines associated with their vehicle ratings. Vehicles rated 0, 1, or 2 stars must secure a new permit by 28th October 2024, while those rated three stars or above can delay their application until the next decade.

Progressive Safe System Implementation:

Compliance with the new PSS conditions is paramount for operators with vehicles rated below three stars. The Progressive Safe System, an advanced iteration of the original Safe System, incorporates features such as a comprehensive camera monitoring system, Class V and VI mirrors, active Blind Spot Sensors (BSIS), active Moving Off Sensors (MOIS), side under-run protectors, audible warning systems, and visual warning signage.

Transition Timeline:

To facilitate a seamless transition, Cordwallis recommends a structured approach over the coming months:

September – December 2023: Familiarise yourself with the new DVS legislation and determine your vehicle’s star rating.

January – March 2024: Pre-order and arrange the installation of Progressive Safe System kits.

April 2024: Commence the installation of the new Progressive Safe Systems.

June 2024: If required, begin the application process for the new DVS safety permit.

Cordwallis Support:

As a one-stop-shop for all commercial vehicle needs, Cordwallis stands ready to assist operators throughout this transition. From supplying best-in-class DVS systems to providing nationwide UK installation through approved installers, Cordwallis ensures truck operators can navigate the changes confidently and in compliance.


Truck operators must act proactively to meet the new standards in preparation for the DVS Phase 2 rollout in October 2024. Cordwallis, with its expertise and comprehensive support, is dedicated to helping operators adapt to these changes seamlessly, ensuring safer roads and continued success in the commercial vehicle industry.

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